Attach Google AdSense With Payoneer 2016

How to Receive Payments from AdSense with Payoneer 2016

 Adsense is, to date, the best alternative to make money with our sites or blogs via contextual advertising. The AdSense payment system gives the option to receive monthly income through bank transfer, Western Union or by sending checks. In this resource I want to share, we will use the first option "Bank Transfer".

Thanks to a new option to receive payments through affiliates is to service Payoneer (know that payoneer you pay $ 25 to apply for your service!), Which allows us to collect money, send it to your bank account in the United States - created for them on your behalf - and withdraw the money to Payoneer prepaid MasterCard card.

One of the restrictions Adsense payment system is not for all countries and allowed users to receive payments by bank transfer, but it already has a solution. Careful when applying the method!

Attach Google AdSense With Payoneer 2016

The first thing you need is your 
Payoneer account, even if you can not apply through the official site

The second step is to create a physical address in the USA by registering your account . This is the address that we will use in our Adsense account - you should have the choice to change direction -

As Adsense confirms the PIN and the account through a telephone number that you must enter the account, and as we are entering an address USA so we can receive transfer payments , here we will make some investment and we will use Skype service to hire a real phone number within the United States on our behalf . From their website you can buy the phone number.

We headed to our Adsense account and we use data obtained previously and hopefully address the call by the number of Skype to confirm the PIN takes to reach both by regular mail to the Latin countries .

We have everything ready , now just need to wait payments reaching Payoneer account and you can withdraw the card at any ATM Mastercard for your country!



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